Top Performers

Select Clinical Trials is pleased to announce the establishment of an innovative award program to identify Top Performers in the conduct of clinical research.  The Top Performer awards will be invaluable in helping consumers, research subjects (trial participants), Sponsors (pharmaceutical and device companies) and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) identify successful research sites.  Our award program will recognize and promote the individual achievements of Principal Investigators (PIs) and Coordinators.  PIs and Coordinators are required to protect our most valuable resource, the trial participants, by upholding the principles of the Belmont Report (  SCT works hard to assure that every PI listed on this site is in good standing with their state medical boards.  We will award Top Performers in the following categories:

  • Top Performer Award to qualified Principal Investigators
  • Top Performer Award to qualified Coordinators
  • Excellence in Clinical Trials Awards to research sites who have been recognized by Sponsors and/or CROs and have at least 1 PI AND at least 1 Coordinator who have been named Top Performers.

Trial Participants, Sponsors and CROs will be encouraged to submit ratings, nominations and/or feedback based on their experience with the PI, the Coordinator and at the site.  Ratings, feedback and nominations will be collected and our Award Committee will make the final determinations based on the committee’s rigorous criteria.

NOTE:  In order to be nominated, Principal Investigators and Coordinators need to be registered on

To all PIs and Coordinators: Thank you for your service and dedication!