What is a Clinical Trial?

A clinical trial is a research study involving human volunteers (called subjects or participants). Clinical trials are conducted to determine whether a drug or device is likely to be safe and effective for its intended use in humans.

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Who can participate in a clinical trial?

Anyone can become a clinical trial participant. Clinical trials can target healthy individuals or people with a specific medical condition. However, all clinical trials (which are also called medical research studies) have specific eligibility criteria for participation. If you want to participate in a clinical trial, you will be screened by professional staff to see if you qualify to participate.

What does it mean to be a clinical trial participant and why should I participate?

A clinical trial participant, sometimes called a research subject or volunteer, is a vital component to any clinical trial. Clinical trials require human participants in order to develop new medications or treatments. Participation in a clinical trial contributes to the advancement of medicine and healthcare. The benefits from participating in clinical trials may include medical care at no cost and compensation for participation.

What should clinical trial participants expect?

Before you can participate in any clinical trial, you will have a screening visit to determine if you qualify for that particular trial. You will be given an Informed Consent document that will explain the trial procedures, possible risks and benefits of the clinical trial. You will have an opportunity to discuss the informed consent and ask any questions you may have with the trial personnel. You will be asked to sign the Informed Consent prior to being enrolled in the trial.

If you qualify, you will be enrolled in the clinical trial. Once enrolled, and at any time during the clinical trial, you are encouraged to discuss your research care with the clinical trial doctor (Principal Investigator), Coordinator or staff and to ask any questions you may have about the clinical trial. Data from your clinical trial tests and procedures will be collected during the clinical trial. This data may lead to a drug or device being approved by the FDA or regulatory health authorities in other countries, and may result in the development of safer and more effective drugs or devices.

If I am being treated by a physician, can I only participate in clinical trials being conducted by my physician?

No. You may contact any site to see if you qualify for a clinical trial being conducted at that site. However, it is always recommended that you notify your personal physician of your participation in a clinical trial.

If a PI loses their medical license, will they be removed as a Top Performer if previously awarded?

Yes. Every effort is made to check the status of the PI’s license and credentials. If it is determined that a PI has a suspended or terminated medical license, they will automatically be removed from this site.

How do I get notified of clinical trials that come up in my area?

Once you are signed in, click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the website. On the left hand side, click on "Notifications" and hit "yes" if you want to be notified of upcoming clinical trials that become listed in your area.

How do I find Advertising Fees?

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How do I add a company or product advertisement?

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